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Book review: The Portal Keeper: The Misewa Saga, Book 4 – Anishinabek News

January 3, 2024

David A. Robertson’s latest book in the Misewa Saga,  The Portal Keeper, continues to expand the world of Aski and the ongoing adventures of Eli, Morgan, and Emily. Picking up from the ending of Book 3, The Portal Keeper sees Eli developing a new ability to detect portals allowing for the children to return to Aski.

Upon arrival, Eli, Morgan, and Emily find themselves in the village of Ministik in a place known as World’s End far from their friends in Misewa. Encountering new animal beings, such as a Lynx named Ace and a Chipmunk called Sasak, a new threat to Aski is encountered – animal beings are disappearing and it appears humans are responsible. Discovering the truth of what is happening while on Earth, the children return to Aski. Upon their return, they gather all of their strength as well as their friends Mahihkan and Arik to save the beings of Ministik and all of Aski. After saving some of the villagers from an attack, the group is left with the larger task of confronting the invading humans, rescuing those beings who were kidnapped, and possibly transported to Winnipeg.

Through The Portal Keeper, we learn more of Eli’s story – his life before state involvement and love of the land as well as his growing connection to Aski.  Apparently, his soul’s confinement in a moonstone appears to have awoken a power to detect and open portals to Aski. Eli now is able to use his heart and mind, without drawing an image on paper, to open portals. This allows the children to access any place in Aski or on Earth that Eli envisions. Our attention is also continually drawn, by Robertson, to the Aski legend of the Star Woman. It becomes apparent within the first dozen or so chapters that the unravelling of the legend, since all stories at their core are based on a truth, will change things forever.  Eli, Morgan, and Emily’s friendship and sense of family continues to blossom as they journey across Aski, seeking help, helping others, and gaining wisdom about themselves and their relationship to others.

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