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Curriculum overhaul must have genuine Métis inclusion, says Otipemisiwak Métis Government and Rupertsland Institute

Press Release

[Edmonton, March 25] – The Otipemisiwak Métis Government and Rupertsland Institute call on the Alberta government to update the draft curriculum to ensure there is accurate representation and appropriate Métis content throughout the curriculum.

“It is extremely disappointing that Alberta Education has yet again missed the mark on the draft curriculum and failed to include genuine representation of Métis identity and history,” said Andrea Sandmaier, President of the Otipemisiwak Métis Government. “Our Métis history and culture are our own, and no one knows our history better than us. As stewards of Métis culture and knowledge, we call on the government to come back to the drafting table, work with Métis experts and update the curriculum to have genuine Métis inclusion.”

In its current form, the draft curriculum consistently omits or inadequately represents Métis perspectives, history, and contemporary presence. Métis culture and heritage are distinct and need to be respected as such. Furthermore, the curriculum upholds Eurocentric worldviews and colonial perspectives, failing to adequately address the impacts of colonization on Indigenous Peoples, including the Métis.

Despite Rupertsland Institute’s active participation in two engagement opportunities in August 2023 and January 2024, the new draft curriculum fails to adequately address the detailed feedback that was provided.

“Our Métis education experts at Rupertsland Institute worked countless hours to provide Alberta Education with specific and detailed feedback on the Métis content in the draft curriculum. It is unacceptable that this feedback continues to be ignored,” says Lorne Gladu, Executive Chair at Rupertsland Institute. “The government must ensure the next generation of Alberta students learn genuine Métis content developed from Métis perspectives, and we stand ready once again to help make that happen.”

“Colonial narratives have long dominated our history books and education system, sidelining Indigenous perspectives and experiences” says Lisa Wolfe, Secretary for Education and Language for the Otipemisiwak Métis Government. “It’s time for the government to listen and ensure that Indigenous voices are heard and honoured.”

About the Otipemisiwak Métis Government

In 1928, Alberta Métis began to organize and advance Métis self-determination and self-government in the province, leading to the creation of the Métis Nation of Alberta. In November 2022, Métis Citizens overwhelmingly ratified a Constitution to establish the Otipemisiwak Métis Government. In September 2023, the first election under the Otipemisiwak Métis Government Constitution was held. The Otipemisiwak Métis Government is now the government of the Métis Nation within Alberta and with over 65,000 Citizens it is recognized by the Government of Canada through a self-government agreement signed between the parties in February, 2023.

About Rupertsland Institute:

Rupertsland Institute- Métis Centre of Excellence was established in 2010 as an affiliate of the Métis Nation of Alberta. The Métis Nation of Alberta assigned Rupertsland Institute with a mandate in education, training and research. Rupertsland Institute’s vision is for a Skilled, Knowledgeable and Self-reliant Métis Nation and is integral to enhancing the self-sufficiency and well-being of Alberta Métis through quality education, training and research.

Media contact:

Kenny Trenton, Press Secretary


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