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Government of Yukon invests in 20 projects that build strong, resilient and prosperous Yukon communities

Press Release


The Government of Yukon, through the Community Development Fund, has awarded $447,203 to support 20 projects that help bring economic, cultural and social benefits to Yukon communities.

Funding has been provided to the Association of Yukon Communities, Athletics Yukon Association, Biathlon Yukon, CHON-FM Northern Native Broadcasting, Church of St. Christopher, Climb Yukon Association, Friends of Mount Sima Society, Keno Community Club, Klondike Cruisers Association, Junction Arts and Music Society, Safe at Home Society, Snowboard Yukon Association, the Village of Carmacks, Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club, Whitehorse United Football Club, Yukon First Nations Hockey Association and Yukon Freestyle Ski Association.

Projects funded through this fund offer valuable opportunities and resources to people across the territory and are submitted by members of the community who have identified a need, making the fund responsive to real-life concerns and opportunities. Projects must create economic benefit; bring new money into the territory; develop skills, knowledge and experience; create social benefits, support community long-term wellbeing and have measurable benefits for Yukon residents and communities.

The next deadline to apply for the Community Development Fund is January 15, 2024, for funding requests under $20,000 and over $75,000. The next application deadline for funding requests between $20,001 and $75,000 is April 15, 2024.

Grassroots and community organizations across the territory contribute so much to life in the Yukon and our government is pleased to be able to support their efforts. The latest 20 projects funded by the Community Development Fund mark a step forward in strengthening economic and social connections within our communities and I look forward to following the progress and impacts of these projects as they unfold.

Premier and Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai

Junction Arts & Music is thrilled to receive funding from the Yukon government’s Community Development Fund in support of our second annual Glacier Nights Snow Festival. This funding will provide the necessary wood and construction crew to build the forms for the snow blocks for our artists and workshops participants. Furthermore, with our new outdoor sound and light booth shelter, designed to keep performers and equipment warm and dry throughout the day and night, we will be able to offer outdoor entertainment for all to enjoy during this community event. This funding would not be possible without the support of the Community Development Fund and Yukon Lotteries and the Arts Operating Fund.

Executive Director of Junction Arts and Music Society Leigh-Anne Larsen

Snowboard Yukon will be purchasing new rails for the terrain park at Mount Sima and a specialized start gate for the banked slalom, thanks to the generous support from the Government of Yukon’s Community Development Fund. The new rails will provide riders, including our athletes and members of the public, with new challenges and opportunities to enhance their skills and enjoy the park safely. The varied rail designs, shapes, and sizes will allow athletes to enhance their techniques and push their abilities to new levels. The new start gate will enhance training opportunities, ensure fair competition and provide a higher level of accuracy for timed races on the Banked Slalom course. The new equipment is integral to the success of our programs and events and it will enhance our ability to host competitions like the Para World Cup Banked Slalom and the upcoming Arctic Winter Games. Snowboard Yukon and our partners are very grateful for the support from the Community Development Fund.

President of Snowboard Yukon Sarah Marsh

Quick facts

  • The Community Development Fund provides funding for projects, events and initiatives that offer long-term, sustainable, cultural, social and economic benefits for Yukon communities.
  • Eligible organizations include registered non-profit societies, not-for-profit corporations, charitable organizations, municipal and First Nations governments and First Nation development corporations undertaking community-level initiatives.
  • Eligible projects and events include new construction projects, renovations, restorations, physical improvements to buildings or lands, knowledge or skill development, research and planning and programs and events.
  • Funding is divided into three tiers with the following application deadlines:
    • Tier 1: Applications of $20,000 or less on January 15, May 15, July 15 and October 15.
    • Tier 2: Applications between $20,001 and $75,000 on April 15 and September 15.
    • Tier 3: Applications over $75,000 on January 15.
  • The funding referenced in this news release was awarded for the July and October 2023 Tier One and September 2023 Tier Two intakes of the Community Development Fund.


The Community Development Fund has awarded $181,218 in Tier 1 funding towards 13 projects that promote social, cultural and economic benefits to Yukoners.

  • Association of Yukon Communities – $20,000: To contract keynote speakers for the annual conference in Dawson City in May 2024. The speakers will deliver impactful sessions for attendees, explore sustainable progress in our unique Northern region, speak to priorities and challenges and find ways to collaborate to improve the lives of Yukoners.
  • Safe at Home Society – $20,000: To complete an operational and financial plan to establish revenue-generating options at the former High Country Inn. This project works to create a sustainable model for the organization to continue offering its services and introducing new programming.
  • Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club – $19,800: To develop a functional plan for the construction of building and landscaping improvements for increased usability year-round. The project will support the continued growth of the club, which has one of the largest sports memberships in the territory. This project supports the continued availability of programs and services that promote happy and healthy lifestyles.
  • Yukon First Nations Hockey Association – $18,405: To hire a consultant to complete comprehensive planning and training for the organization to ensure the future sustainability and continued success of the Yukon First Nations Hockey Association as well as the large-scale annual Native Hockey Tournament.
  • Klondike Cruisers Association – $18,000: To conduct a high-level Motorsport Park scoping study report. This report will define the project’s scope, identify stakeholders, assess potential sites, review regulatory requirements, analyze financial feasibility, evaluate market demand and assess benefits and risks.
  • Climb Yukon Association – $15,744: To hire a consultant to implement their business plan to prepare the Society for success in the planning, setup, staffing and operation of the first large-scale indoor climbing facility in Whitehorse, Yukon.
  • Junction Arts and Music Society – $12,931: To purchase material and equipment for the 2024 Glacier Nights Festival. The festival promotes community participation and provides healthy, family-friendly entertainment.
  • Village of Carmacks  – $12,240: To purchase an ice edger machine and hire a consultant to train employees on its use and general ice building and care. This project is a proactive approach to maintaining the ice rink in the newly built recreation center, which has been the site of community programming since its creation.
  • Yukon Freestyle Ski Association – $10,251: To purchase a Tow Rope for the Airbag site at Mount Sima. This project will help athletes gain more training opportunities, boosting skill progression and fostering stronger athlete-coach bonds. This could also attract new athletes and coaches, enriching the local sports community.
  • Keno Community Club – $9,697: To create a new exhibit in the Keno Mining Museum. This would be the first new permanent exhibit since 1994 and would highlight the history and the stories of the tough, enterprising, independent-spirited women who entertained miners in Keno City.
  • Athletics Yukon Association – $8,800: To host the first “Sunshine Shuffle Backyard Ultra”. Participants in this event will engage in a challenging format where they run a 6.706km loop once every hour, continuing until only one runner remains, who will be declared the winner. This community-driven initiative promises to enrich the local athletic landscape.
  • Friends of Mount Sima Society – $8,777: To develop a multi-dimensional mural on a sea can at Mount Sima. The project will be done in partnership with Northern Cultural Expressions Society and Skookum Jim Friendship Centre and will include QR codes that can be scanned to share the history of the area.
  • Junction Arts and Music Society (JAM) – $6,573: To improve the organization’s current website. This project will allow JAM to communicate better with the public about upcoming events and attract tourists to events in the Village of Haines Junction.

The Community Development Fund has awarded $265,985 in Tier 2 funding towards seven projects that promote social, cultural and economic benefits to Yukoners.

  • CHON-FM Northern Native Broadcasting – $69,488: To purchase and install computer-based on-air equipment in the main studio, newsroom and production studio. With the updated equipment, the organization can invite youth in for basic training to enable them to produce their own broadcast content.
  • Biathlon Yukon – $55,350: To create three new trail sections to produce the correct lengths for the 2km, 3km and 4km loops and steep hill bypass. The new trails will allow for training and competition at the prescribed distance. This project will provide Biathlon Yukon with the tools to attract and secure future events that would have meaningful social and economic impacts for the Yukon.
  • Village of Carmacks – $40,000: To upgrade the Carmacks Recreation Complex, install a key fob security system and an integrated CCTV system to allow for 24-hour access to the fitness centre facility. Expanded daily access to the fitness centre will increase the facility’s capacity to meet community members’ fitness lifestyle needs.
  • Snowboard Yukon Association – $33,844: To purchase modular single start gates, specialized rakes and new rails to expand on the new banked slalom course, expand rails and increase the safety of the existing snowboard park at Mount Sima. This project will help better equip Whitehorse and Mount Sima to host the FIS Para Snowboard World Cup and the 2026 Arctic Winter Games.
  • Friends of Mount Sima Society – $30,000: To host a weeklong festival around the FIS Para Snowboard World Cup at Mount Sima. The organization will build a course and update the existing slalom course specific to the event. This event will see athletes, coaches, spectators, contractors and staff from Canada Snowboard visiting Whitehorse.
  • Church of St. Christopher – $23,905: To hire a contractor to renovate the front entrance. The church is a tourist attraction and venue for facilitating many community events. The building hosts multiple community user groups and is the main venue/gathering space for the Village of Haines Junction.
  • Whitehorse United Football Club – $13,398: To purchase top-tier gear and storage bins shared across affiliates within Yukon Soccer. The new equipment will help enhance training experiences, improve player performance and elevate regional soccer standards.

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