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ilrtoday Sponsorship Offer

As managers, executives and business owners we are all seeking the best value in respect to where and how we invest our hard-earned dollars – particularly when it concerns advertising.

There are no shortages of solicitations for advertisement or requests for sponsorships that we are barraged with on a daily basis. Many of us receive dozens of these messages every week and it can be tough to see which offers are those of potential positive gain.

Of the numerous opportunities that arrive in your email “inbox” this offer is one of high potential for positive reward; with dividends of both fiscal and social returns on investment.

NationTalk is inviting a highly select group of progressive, pioneering organizations who see the tremendous value or engaging First Nations and Aboriginal communities; that would be of the most relevance and would have the best potential to both provide AND receive notable returns on investment through participating in a unique program such as the NationTalk’s newest Indigenous Business and Finance Today Channel.

Indigenous Business & Finance Today Partnership & Sponsorship Program

Our ilrtoday media is based on subsidiary pricing per channel. This focused channel is of same scale as the NationTalk main site yet delivers precision content to a highly targeted audience based on Business and opportunity themes.

NationTalk invites corporate citizens already working or interested in connecting with the Aboriginal community to join our Partner Program – which has been a tremendous success to date.

Upon joining the NationTalk Sponsorship Program, companies receive a NationTalk Landing Page that promotes a wide variety of content in a wide range of formats. We provide our Sponsors the highest top of mind (frequency) recognition possible in the Aboriginal community by placing Sponsor logos at the top of our NationTalk web site (which receives 32,000 page views per day) which are then linked to the Sponsor landing pages.

Diversity has everything to do with competitive advantage—including new markets, global business opportunities & new organizational strategies. It is the future of economic viability & sustainability.

The Indigenous Business and Finance Today channel is one of extreme strategic focus and provides an exclusive opportunity for relevant businesses to provide this specific business and investment market sector with information on opportunities, key products or important niche services, explore business partnerships or recruit/train quality Aboriginal workers.

Inclusion in this targeted Aboriginal business theme channel sets you apart from the pack as a leader and innovator; active and intent in pursuit of collaborative prosperity with First Peoples, their communities and vast resources available.

The ilrtoday platform delivers precision content to a highly targeted audience so your message stands out and is not lost in a myriad of other content.

The new NationTalk regional and theme channels have a sharper demographic and strategic regional focus. The smaller scope of these distinct channels have a lower threshold cost for participating of present NationTalk program costs, yet still deliver the same magnitude of benefit and market engagement.  The NationTalk Partnership and Sponsorship Program allows for brand recognition of your organization’s intent, interest & ability to engage Indigenous community; enhance reach & open doors to enthusiastic interest with/from First Nations & key targeted recipients.

For organizations who seeking inclusion in this strategic program please click here.”

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