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Kiskithihta Mīthokwesowin: Discovering our Gifts – A Journey of Indigenous Art and Expression – UM Today

Art has long been recognized as a gift that has the power to transcend time, culture, and boundaries. It has the capacity to bridge generations, spark conversations, and cultivate understanding. The art exhibition “Kiskithihta Mīthokwesowin: Discovering our Gifts” embodies this sentiment, showcasing the profound impact of Indigenous art as a means of storytelling, cultural preservation, and empowerment. Curated by Justin Bear L’Arrivee and Jory Thomas, this exhibition takes visitors on a journey into the vibrant world of Indigenous art, with a focus on nurturing the talents of the next generation of Indigenous artists.

Running from August 21 to September 8, 2023, this unique art exhibition is more than just a display of artistic pieces – it’s a testament to the transformative power of art in the context of reconciliation and self-discovery. The exhibition emerges from the Kiskithihta Mīthokwesowin outreach program, which aims to inspire and activate young Indigenous artists, encouraging them to share their perspectives and stories through their artistic creations.

The heart of this exhibition lies in the workshops led by four Indigenous artists: KC Adams, Jaime Black, Jessica Canard, and Sadie Lavoie. These artists lent their expertise and guidance to workshops held at various community organizations, including Ka Ni Kanichihk, Marymound Inc., Rainbow Resource Centre, and Willow Tree Action Therapy Youth Services. These workshops were not only about artistic skill development but also about fostering a sense of community, instilling confidence, and passing down cultural knowledge.

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