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Land & Resource Stewardship Capacity Development

Part 1: Instructions to Proponents

Proponents are cautioned to carefully read and follow the instructions set out in this Request for Proposals (“RFP”), as any variation from them may result in a proposal being rejected.

  1. Proposals must be submitted in electronic form via email by 12:00 am (midnight) PST, May 19, 2022 (the “Closing Time”) to: [email protected]
  2. Proponents must abide to the following email requirements in submitting their proposals in response to this RFP:
    • The maximum size of each attachment must be 15 MB or less (Proponents are solely responsible for ensuring that email proposal submissions comply with any size restrictions imposed by their internet service provider);
    • Proponents should submit email proposal submissions in a single email and avoid sending multiple email submissions for the same opportunity. If, however, the file size of an electronic submission exceeds the applicable maximum size, the Proponent may submit multiple emails to reduce attachment file size to be within the maximum applicable size. In such an event, Proponents must identify the order and number of emails making up the email proposal submission (e.g., “email 1 of 3, email 2 of 3…”);
    • For proposal submissions submitted by multiple emails, the Tahltan Central Government (TCG) reserves the right to seek clarification or reject the proposal if the TCG is unable to determine what documents constitute the complete proposal; and
    • Attachments must not be compressed, must not contain a virus or malware, must not be corrupted and must be able to be opened. Proponents are solely responsible for ensuring that any emails or attachments submitted as part of their proposal are not corrupted. The TCG may reject proposals that contain compressed files, cannot be opened or that contain viruses or malware or corrupted attachments.
  1. The Proponent is solely responsible for ensuring that the TCG receives a complete proposal, including all attachments and enclosures, before the Closing Time and in accordance with the manner outlined in section 2 above.
  2. The Proponent must identify in its proposal its business name and address, its subsidiaries and parent companies (if applicable), the title of the proposal enclosed, and the Closing Time.
  3. Proposals must be received by email at the Closing Location on or before the Closing Time, as determined by Pacific Standard Time. Proposals received after this time or through other means will not be considered regardless of the reason for their being late or provided through the wrong means.
  4. If a Proponent wishes to verify that its proposal has been received prior to Closing Time, the Proponent may email the TCG RFP Contact (as per section 27). The Proponent must identify its business name and confirm that they are a duly authorized representative of the Proponent before this information may be released. No other information concerning the proposals will be released under any circumstances prior to proposal review.
  5. Proposals may be withdrawn by submitting an email request to the TCG RFP Contact, submitted by the Proponent, prior to the Closing Time. After receipt of such a withdrawal request, the proposal will be deleted with confirmation of deletion sent to the Proponent.
  6. If discrepancies or omissions are found in the specifications or other documents provided in this RFP, or if any clarification is required, a Proponent may contact the TCG RFP Contact. The TCG RFP Contact will respond by email or by issuing addenda to all Proponents if necessary. If addenda are issued or if there are any changes to the work, reasonable efforts will be made to inform all Proponents by email prior to the Closing Time. All addenda will become part of the subsequent services contract(s) between successful Proponents and the TCG (the “Services Contract”), and receipt of addenda must be acknowledged by Proponents in their proposals. Failure to provide such acknowledgement will, however, not alter that all addenda will be incorporated into the terms of Services Contracts. It is the sole responsibility of the Proponent to ensure all addenda issued before the Closing Time were received by the Proponent.
  7. Proposals submitted by individuals shall be signed by those individuals. Proposals submitted by partnerships shall be signed by at least one partner. Proposals submitted by corporations shall be signed by properly authorized signing officers.
  8. Erasures and/or corrections must be initialled by the person(s) authorized to sign the proposal.
  9. Proposals must be submitted by email: no proposal faxed, mailed, or otherwise delivered to the TCG RFP Contact will be considered. Amendments to the proposal may be made by email provided that such amendments are received by the Closing Time and are clearly marked as an amendment to a specified proposal. To maintain the confidentiality of the proposal, an amendment in the form of an email must specify only the change to the proposal and the authorized person submitting the amendment on behalf of the Proponent; the entire proposal should not be re-submitted unless the change has broad implications to the overall proposal.
  10. The property and/or services contracted for are for the use of, and are being purchased by, the TCG and are not subject to the Goods and Services Tax or Provincial Sales Tax (“GST/PST”). It is the responsibility of the Proponent to apply directly to Canada Revenue Agency for Input Tax Credits on any GST/PST paid.
  11. This is intended to be a value-driven process, with proposals to be evaluated on the basis of the evaluation criteria outlined in Part 3 of this RFP. The TCG need not accept the lowest priced, the highest ranked, or any proposal, and reserves the right to reject or accept any or all proposals without further explanation.
  12. All proposals shall be unconditional, irrevocable, and open to acceptance by the TCG at any time within thirty (30) days after the Closing Time.
  13. This RFP does not commit the TCG to award a Services Contract. The TCG reserves the right to cancel this RFP at any time without award or compensation to any Proponents.
  14. Failure to comply with any instruction contained in this RFP may be deemed sufficient cause for the rejection of all or part of any proposal. Any items omitted or any special conditions or qualifications added to the proposal (for example, the Proponent’s standard terms of sale) may cause the proposal to be rejected or affect the evaluation of the proposal. No escalation clauses will be accepted.
  15. Submission of a proposal shall be deemed to be confirmation that the Proponent acknowledges and agrees to the general terms and conditions of the Services Contracts, as set out in Part 4 of this RFP.
  16. Proponents are solely responsible for their own fees and expenses incurred in preparing, presenting, and delivering their proposals.
  17. Proponents are solely responsible for delivering their proposals via email prior to the Closing Time.
  18. If, in the opinion of the TCG, any proposal contains a minor defect, or fails in some way to comply with any requirement of this RFP that, in the opinion of the TCG, can be remedied without providing an unfair advantage with respect to the other Proponents, the TCG may request clarification from the applicable Proponent, and the TCG, upon receipt of the appropriate clarification, may waive the minor defect or any irregularity, and accept the proposal. Any failure by the Proponent to provide a written response that, in the opinion of the TCG, properly clarifies its proposal within the specified time of receiving a request for clarification may result in rejection of the proposal.
  19. Once proposals are received, they become the property of the TCG, and will not be returned. Information contained in proposals submitted will be held in confidence.
  20. Proponents are only entitled to receive information about their own proposals, and how they were evaluated.
  21. After final evaluation, the TCG may in its sole discretion, with the highest ranked or any Proponent, negotiate specific terms and conditions that are different or additional to those listed in Part 4 of this RFP. Such changes, if any, shall, however, generally fall within the scope of the RFP, and by limited to those items that would not have a material effect on the ranking of proposals.
  22. This RFP is subject to the TCG purchasing and contracting policies.
  23. Each Proponent, by submitting a proposal, irrevocably waives any claim, action or proceeding against the TCG and against any of TCG’s employees, advisors or representatives for damages, expenses or costs including costs of proposal preparation, loss of profits, loss of opportunity and/or any consequential loss for any reason including: any actual or alleged unfairness on the part of the TCG at any stage of the RFP process; if the TCG does not award or execute a Contract; and, if the TCG is subsequently determined to have accepted a noncompliant proposal or otherwise breached or fundamentally breached any of the terms of this RFP.
  24. By submitting a proposal, the Proponent agrees that the Proponent has investigated all conditions that may affect the work, and assumes all risks associated with those conditions.
  25. Proponents shall direct any questions regarding this RFP to the following: Kala Hooker

[email protected]

(the “TCG RFP Contact”) through email. Information obtained from any other source is not official and may be inaccurate.

  • A meeting with all proponents to answer questions or discuss the proposed work may occur if sufficient numbers of proponents make the request. Otherwise, responses to proponents will occur through email.
  • Any questions regarding this RFP should be communicated to the TCG RFP Contact no less than two (2) business days prior to the Closing Time to allow the TCG RFP Contact sufficient time to reply.

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