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Management reviews: Rate the Managers / Boss


Eleanor Abbott

How do you rate your current boss? Do you think that the present boss to whom you are reporting is better than your former manager? Perhaps you haven\’t thought of it in this way and for this reason you find it difficult to answer these questions. But your rating of your bosses could help others find right job and the management reviews could help companies know how their managers are handling employees.

It isn\’t obligatory to rate your boss but if you think of it in a broader perspective, you might find it necessary if you are working for a company and you want to give it your best. What if your reporting manager isn\’t providing you opportunities? In this situation, what would you do? Maybe you would quit your job and go to another place. But what is the guarantee that you would find a friendly manager at the new workplace? This is where you could take advantage of employees reviewing their managers.

Writing a review doesn\’t mean describing the strengths and weaknesses of a person in length. It is about assessing his strengths on a scale of 1-5 ratings. The information would be general and not specific and you are not allowed to target a specific person. Personal comments, irrelevant remarks and abusive, sexist and racist language won\’t be published. The remarks should be honest, useful, constructive and overall helpful to others.

Management reviews should, in general, be positive in nature so that they could help others including employers and employees. A positive feedback would alert employees about a specific organization that has great management. Similarly, an organization could take note of the feedbacks and set their line of authority in light of this information.

You, your friends, colleagues and everyone, who has ever worked in an organization is free to rate his/her boss and manager. Remember how many managers you have had in the past? With this you would be able to pen positive management reviews and send your feedback directly to the concerned companies. In the end, you could advise the world what you have learned from your managers and how you felt working with them, what a great tool!

Companies could also take management reviews to grade their managers and raise questions on management styles. The information would help companies shuffle their managers according to the ratings if need be. A manager that has high rating should be promoted in theory or companies could at least consider the information when promoting their managers. But it also depends upon the quality and content of the feedback. Start rating your managers today and ask your friends and colleagues to do so too, the revolution is here!

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Eleanor Abbott has been in the field of staffing and recruitment and has in depth experience in this field. The author started to write articles and blogs on this field due to his extensive experience. For more information please visit on Management Reviews and Companies Reviews .

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