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Marine Transportation of Oil, LNG Focus of New Centre

Sep 23, 2013

Industry, government and Port Metro Vancouver are developing a new organization slated to become the leading source of best practices information for the safe marine transport of oil and LNG. Although the governance framework is still being developed, the proposed body will be established as an independent non-profit organization, governed by a board of seven directors drawn from industry, academia, First Nations, and communities. It will initially be housed within Port Metro Vancouver until it can become an independent organization.

The proposed Centre of Excellence for Marine Transportation of Oil and LNG Commodities will:

  • Identify and co-ordinate research and development of shipment of oil and LNG commodities and provide a forum for the development of industry leading best practices for dialogue with stakeholders and communities.
  • Serve as the definitive and trusted source for information, communications, education and awareness on safe handling of oil and LNG, storage, marine transportation, and spill prevention, preparedness and operational and financial response.
  • Provide a structured framework for monitoring the environmental and social effects (positive and negative) of shipment of oil and LNG commodities, and develop a common methodology on how spill risks will be assessed.

It was noted that the Centre would be funded through a combination of fees levied on industry as well as lump sum contributions from the energy sector, the Province of Alberta, and the federal government.

Overall, the Centre is envisioned as an arms-length organization that will become a trusted source of non-partisan information on best practices for safe and sustainable marine transportation of oil and LNG commodities on the Pacific Coast.

Port Metro Vancouver has sought the appointment of Gary MacIsaac, UBCM Executive Director to the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors for a three-year term.

The Nominating Committee would potentially have one representative from UBCM, Transport Canada, Province of BC, Province of Alberta, Industry (producers, pipeline), Environmental Non-Governmental Organization, BC Chamber of Shipping, BC Ports, and First Nations.

The UBCM Presidents Committee has approved the appointment of Mr. MacIsaac to the Nominating Committee.

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