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NAHC 2023 Host Committee – RFP Livestreaming Services


1. Background

The Aboriginal Sport Circle established the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC) in 2002 to serve as the premiere competition for young Indigenous hockey players in Canada.

The NAHC provides a forum for elite U18 male and female Indigenous youth and attracts participation from First Nation, Inuit and Metis across thirteen provinces and territories.

This annual event helps foster cultural unity and pride to celebrate the athletic abilities of Indigenous athletes from across the country.

Winnipeg won the bid to be the host city for the 20th anniversary of the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships in 2023. This week-long event from May 7 – 13 takes place at the Seven Oaks Arena located on 745 Kingsbury Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba. The 20th anniversary of the NAHC will be celebrated in 2023.

2. Objective

We are seeking proposals from qualified broadcasting production companies to supply and manage the Livestreaming production services for the 2023 National Aboriginal Hockey Championships (NAHC). These services will be required across two ice pads at the Seven Oaks Arena.

The goal is to cover all hockey games, and opening and closing ceremonies for families and communities to watch across the country. Attendance expectations are high.

The successful proponent will work with the chair/co-chair of the NAHC Host Committee (Host) to execute the overall requirements of Livestreaming production services for the NAHC in 2023.

3. Overview

The Host maintains full discretion over this RFP process and the award. It is the Host’s sole discretion which proposal provides the best value and is in the Host Committee’s best interest.

4. RFP Schedule

The following is the intended schedule for the proposal process. Proponents should comply with this schedule unless otherwise notified of any changes.

Activity Date
RFP Posted Monday, December 12, 2022
Deadline for questions regarding submissions of Tuesday, Jan 3, 2022
RFP Closes Friday, Jan 13, 2022 (5:00 pm CST)
RFP Awarded Within two weeks of closing date
Project Start Date May 7-13, 2023

5. The Scope of Services Required

The contract that results from this process will consist of pricing for livestreaming production of all NAHC hockey games and opening and closing ceremonies. This listing is not intended to be all-inclusive. See Attachment A – Sample Services and Attachment B – DRAFT Hockey Schedule for more information.

Services and deliverables will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Pre-event logistics planning
  • Provide all equipment and resources, necessary to livestream the NAHC, including cameras and production crew for production. List all subcontractors in proposal.
  • Hockey games are played on two ice pads at one facility (Seven Oaks Arena)
  • Livestream all hockey games (44) in the NAHC (7 days)
  • Livestream opening and closing ceremonies (up to 45 minutes each)
  • Livestream Puck drops and save as mini videos for sponsors
  • Manage livestreaming platform (vimeo recommended) and provide video embeds of each game for tournament website where the audience can view free of charge. Website is provided by the Host –
  • Integrate ambient microphone on each ice pad placed in location to capture game audio and crowd cheers
  • Integrate a digital scoreboard on livestream
    • Customize scoreboards (where applicable)
  • Ability to integrate commentator audio
    • Provide options for commentary of hockey games
  • Multi-camera production environment with video switching
  • Instant replay of at least 1 angle
  • 2 operated cameras and 2 locked off wide cameras per ice pad
  • Extra production to be added to medal games on last day with addition of 2 corner cameras
  • Identify advertising opportunities for sponsors
  • Integrate sponsor content (video and graphics) into livestream
  • Integrate player/coach/team content (video and graphics) into livestream
  • Provide archival services
    • Ability to watch on demand during NAHC event
    • Provide external hard drive (or equivalent) of events following the event
  • Provide viewer analytics
    • Daily updates
    • Full geographic reporting (following the event)
  • Post-event reports and review with NAHC Chair/Co-Chair. Include sample report outline. Final report content to be determined between the Host and the company prior to contract execution.
  • Must be flexible and accommodating to last minute request and changes to schedule.

Additional information about the opening and closing ceremonies:

  • Ceremonies will take place on one ice pad and should last no longer than 45 minutes
  • All Teams will be on the ice (as opposed to sitting in the stands)
  • Indigenous prayers and celebrations – dancing, singing, drumming

6. Proponent Qualifications

The proponent must process the following qualifications and experiences:

  • Experience livestreaming hockey games.
  • Experience working with Indigenous community and cultural events.
  • Experience in senior management of staff, volunteers and contractors in a deadline drive setting.

7. Proposal Requirements

1. The proposal must include the following:

    1. Understanding of Requirement: Provide a brief understanding of the requirements and how the proponent will address these requirements.
    2. Proponent’s Approach: A description of the proponent’s approach to effectively manage this project and achieve the project objectives must be included.
    3. Resume, References and Previous Project Descriptions: A maximum of three (3) references of similar project experience, along with descriptions of the projects and services provided and results should be included. Please provide a name and contact information for each referenced project.
    4. Project Schedule: The proponent must provide a project schedule for this Statement of Work, including the sequence of activities, milestones and timing required successfully deliver the effort outlined in Section 5 – The Scope of Services Required.
    5. Financial Proposal: provide a cost summary for the required services to successfully plan and deliver the livestreaming production outlined in this RFP.

2. Communications regarding the submissions of proposals are to be directed to: Wendy Creed (NAHC Chair)  Email:
3. The deadline for questions regarding submissions of proposals is Tuesday, Jan 3, 2022. The Host reserves the right not to respond to inquiries made after that date.
4. Inquiries and responses will be recorded and distributed to all Proponents at the discretion of the Host. Understand that information obtained from any other source is not official and may be inaccurate. Proponents agree not to rely on information from any other person in connection with this RFP.
5. If a proponent is of the view there are discrepancies or omissions in the RFP documents, or any clarification is required, the proponent is to contact the NAHC Chair. The NAHC Chair will respond in writing or, if in agreement there is a requirement for amendment or clarification, will issue an addendum.
6. The Host may, up to seven (7) business days prior to the closing date and time, issue additional information, clarification, or modifications to the RFP by written appendices issued by the NAHC Chair or their designate only. It is the proponent’s sole responsibility to ensure they have received all appendices’ prior to submitting their Proposal. It is the proponent’s responsibility to monitor the website and download all information. Any appendices become part of the proposal documents, and the proponent, in Section 2 on Proposal Form “A”, shall acknowledge receipt of appendices.
7. If a proponent wishes to verify a proposal has been received prior to the closing time, the proponent may contact the NAHC Chair. The proponent must identify the company name before this information will be released. No other information concerning the proposal will be released.
8. Proposals may be withdrawn by submitting a written withdrawal request to the same address to which the proposal was submitted prior to the closing time.
9. Proposals submitted by individuals or corporations are to be signed by such individuals in the presence of a witness. Proposals submitted by partnerships should be signed by all partners in the presence of a witness.
10. The goods are for the use of, and are being purchase by the Host, and are therefore subject to PST and GST Sales Tax.

8. Proposal submission guidelines

Proponent may submit their proposals digitally to:

The Proponent should include a PDF file labelled: “NAHC 2023 Livestream RFP Submission_(Your Name)” and contain the following at a minimum:

  1. Proposal Form “A”
  2. Understanding of Requirements
  3. Proponent’s Approach
  4. Resume, References and Previous Project Descriptions
  5. Project Schedule
  6. Pricing Schedule

9. Proposal Conditions

This is an invitation for proposals and not a tender call. No contract is formed by the submission of a proposal in response to this RFP. The Host may:

  • Modify or amend the RFP including requirements, the scope of services, or any other terms, whether material or not, and may cancel or suspend this RFP.
  • Not necessarily accept the lowest price, the highest ranked, or any proposal, and may reject or accept any or all proposals.
  • Negotiate a final offer with the selected proponent.
  • Reject a proposal that fails to meet the requirements of this RFP.
  • Assess any proposal with criterion or factors considered appropriate by the Host and select any proposal, which the Host considers to offer the best value and to be in its best interests.
  • Accept any proposal which in any manner, whether substantially or not, fails to comply with any of the requirements of this RFP, whether or not such requirements are expressed in mandatory terms, or such non-compliance is substantial.
  • Negotiate one or more of the highest ranked proposals with respect to fee, the scope of services of any other component of such proposal(s).

10. Proposal Evaluation

All RFP submissions will be opened after the closing date. The proposals and financial information will be reviewed and evaluated.

A meeting with the top proponents and the Host may be required to clarify proposal details.

11. Proposal Award

Award of this proposal will result in the signing of a contract by the successful proponent in a form acceptable to the Host in its sole discretion and agreed between the Host and the successful proponent.

12. General Conditions of Contract

For the assistance of Proponents only, and subject to the terms and conditions of this RFP, Section 4 sets forth anticipated General Conditions of Contracts.

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