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NWT High Performance Athlete Grant recipients announced

YELLOWKNIFE (February 5, 2014) – The recipients of the 2013-2014 High Performance Athlete Grant were announced today by Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA) Robert C. McLeod and Maureen Miller, President of the Sport North Federation.

“It is great to see so many northern athletes doing so well on the national and international scene,” states Minister McLeod.  “The value of the High Performance Athlete Grant program is showing itself this year as NWT athletes who have benefited from the program are representing our territory and country at the 2014 Winter Olympics.”

Sport North is an important partner in delivering sport programs across the North and also recognizes the value of this program.

“The Sport North Federation is proud to help high performance athletes in various sports to reach the podium.  It is very rewarding to see these dedicated athletes reach their goals,” said President Maureen Miller.

Two of the NWT athletes who have benefited from this program will be representing Canada on the world stage at the Winter Olympic in Sochi, Russia. Both Brendan Green and Michael Gilday will represent Team Canada over the course of the games.

“Over the years, the NWT High Performance Grant has been a crucial part of what has allowed me to compete at the highest level internationally and has ultimately helped me qualify for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  The support I receive from the people of the NWT and the High Performance Athlete Grant is incredible and second to none. I look forward to representing the entire NWT as a member of the Canadian Olympic Team this February in Sochi,” said Gilday.

The High Performance Athlete Grant program provides financial support to high performance athletes from the NWT.  The Sport North Federation and MACA jointly approve all recipients.  More details on the High Performance Athlete Grant program can be found on the MACA website at

For more information:

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Communications and Website Advisor
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2013 – 2014 High Performance Athlete Grant Recipients

The recipients for the High Performance Athlete Grant program for 2013-2014 are:

Annah Hanthorn                                            Cross Country Skiing         Fort McPherson

Elizabeth Mawdsley                                       Biathlon                                 Fort Smith

Brendan Green                                                Biathlon                                  Hay River

Ilona Gyapay                                                    Cross Country Skiing        Hay River

Mitchell Jacobson                                          Hockey                                   Tuktoyaktuk

Adrienne Schmalz                                          Soccer                                     Yellowknife

Chad Hinchey                                                  Volleyball                              Yellowknife

Devin Hinchey                                                 Squash                                    Yellowknife

Molly Milligan                                                 Snowboarding                      Yellowknife

Michael Gilday                                                 Speed Skating                       Yellowknife

Andrew Matthews                                           Snowboarding                      Yellowknife

Thomsen D’Hont                                             Cross Country Skiing          Yellowknife

Jacob Schofield                                                Hockey                                    Yellowknife

Kathleen O’Brien                                             Hockey                                     Yellowknife

Stephen Giovanetto                                         Swimming                              Yellowknife

Cassandra Mooney                                          Swimming                               Yellowknife

Curtis German                                                  Hockey                                      Yellowknife

Gabrielle Des Forges                                       Judo                                          Yellowknife

Gillian Waugh                                                  Rowing                                        Yellowknife

Keelan Mooney  `                                            Swimming                                Yellowknife

Liam Coedy                                                       Soccer                                         Yellowknife

Jessie Loutit                                                     Rowing                                        Yellowknife

Tanner Dolynny                                              Swimming                                  Yellowknife


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