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Sudbury student among recipients of northern med school’s first Indigenous Learner awards – Sudbury

Jul 23, 2021

I used to be a binge drinker, but I’m happy to say that I quit drinking 20 years ago. Back when I used to party in high school, some of my friends used to say, “Don’t give Stelter any hard liquor because he’ll turn Indian.” At the time it didn’t bother me because I was too busy having fun and not caring. Yet, later in life, when I connected with my biological family, for the first time. I then became exposed and involved in the Indigenous community at large and gained many new insights.

A comment like this one that was made towards me, at a young age, is an ideal example of the opinion that many Canadians have had towards my fellow Indigenous People. These comments also reflect the early approach of the early settlers towards us. We were referred to as “savages,” and as part of their assimilation policy, they had to take to solve what was called the “Indian problem.” This policy that the government instituted, was to also make Indigenous People farmers and laborers, but they weren’t interested in placing us in any positions of power.

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