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Support For The Development Of The Inuit Nunangat Poverty Reduction Strategy And Implementation Plan


Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) is seeking a consultant(s) to support the development of the Inuit Nunangat Poverty Reduction Strategy and Implementation Plan to be developed by October 2023.

Through this RFP, ITK is seeking experienced consultants who can support ITK and regional partner organizations to develop an Inuit Nunangat Poverty Reduction Strategy and Implementation Plan that will provide a roadmap of poverty reduction initiatives and actions, promote Inuit self-determination, and work towards sustainable solutions to fill the economic gap, so more Inuit families can reach and/or surpass the basic income line in Canada.



ITK is the national representational organization for the 65,000 Inuit in Canada, the majority of whom live in four regions, including the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (Northwest Territories), Nunavut, Nunavik (Northern Quebec), and Nunatsiavut (Northern Labrador). Collectively, these four regions make up Inuit Nunangat, the Inuit homeland in Canada. Inuit Nunangat includes 51 communities and encompasses roughly 35 percent of Canada’s landmass and more than 50 percent of its coastline.

The comprehensive land claim agreements that have been settled in Inuit Nunangat form a core component of ITK’s mandate. These land claims have the status of protected treaties under the Constitution. ITK remains committed to working in partnership with the Crown to fully implement these land claims. Consistent with its founding purpose, ITK represents the rights and interests of Inuit at the national level through a democratic governance structure that represents all Inuit regions.

ITK advocates for policies, programs and services that impact the health, social, cultural, political and environmental issues facing Inuit today. ITK is governed by a Board that is composed of the following members:

  • Chair and CEO, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
  • President, Makivik Corporation
  • President, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.
  • President, Nunatsiavut Government

In addition to voting members, the following non-voting Permanent Participant Representatives also sit on the Board:

  • President, Inuit Circumpolar Council Canada
  • President, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada
  • President, National Inuit Youth Council

Ad Hoc Poverty Reduction Working Group:

The Department of Policy Advancement at ITK coordinates and works in collaboration with the Ad Hoc Poverty Reduction Working Group (AHPRWG).  The AHPRWG is comprised of representatives from the following organizations:  Nunatsiavut Government, Kativik Regional Government (KRG), Makivik Corporation, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC), Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI), Government of Nunavut, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, and ITK.

The AHPRWG members have a wealth of knowledge and experience in poverty related issues and poverty reduction programming.  It is expected that the Inuit Nunangat Poverty Reduction Strategy and Implementation Plan will be done in close collaboration with ITK and the AHPRWG.

Poverty Reduction at ITK

ITK and the Inuit regions are committed to reducing poverty among Inuit in Canada.  This commitment to poverty reduction has been identified as objective 1 in the ITK’s Board approved 2020-2023 Strategy and Action Plan, which aims to take strategic action to address the symptoms of poverty as well as advance innovative poverty reduction interventions across Inuit Nunangat.  This includes the development of an Inuit Poverty Reduction Strategy and Implementation Plan.

In order to continue to advance this commitment, ITK is completing foundation level work to capture the true depth of poverty for Inuit in Inuit Nunangat.  As ITK develops Inuit-specific measurement tools, foundational cost of living indices, the need for consultation support to gather information and co-develop a Strategy and Implementation Plan that will guide innovative poverty reduction interventions in Inuit Nunangat is integral.

This Strategy will aim to incorporate our Inuit-specific poverty reduction metrics and our recent Inuit Nunangat cost of living index from our research findings in our Cost of Living Project: Phase I & Phase II research project.  Phase I of this research project was completed last year and it has highlighted the major gap that exists between the Inuit family income and the basic income line of Canada.  Phase II of this project is currently underway.  This phase aims to develop Inuit-specific poverty reduction metrics, using a Market Basket Measure (MBM), and will incorporate these metrics into calculating a more refined cost of living for Inuit in Inuit Nunangat.  For the purpose of Strategy development and Implementation planning, it will be important to engage in bilateral discussions with our Cost of Living Project research team throughout the development of this Strategy and Implementation Plan.  Ultimately, our goal for this Strategy is to work towards filling the gap between Inuit family income and the basic income line in Canada, while promoting Inuit self-determination and sustainability.  In addition, the implementation plan will offer a roadmap detailing the concrete actions needed to reach this goal with approximate timelines.

This work will involve consultations within the regions, and geared discussions with the ITK Ad Hoc Poverty Reduction Working Group (AHPRWG).  ITK is seeking consultative support, with leads intimately aware of ongoing work across Inuit Nunangat and with experience in research gathering, hosting workshops, consulting working groups and strategy and implementation plan development.  The intention is to have this Strategy and Implementation Plan finalized and ready for publication in late 2023.


The successful applicant will be required to undertake the following work:

  • Support the planning and development of the Strategy & Implementation Plan:
    • Facilitate planning sessions with ITK and ITK working groups, including the Ad Hoc Poverty Reduction Working Group, on the development of the Strategy and Implementation Plan.
    • Develop a work plan with refined key milestones and delivery dates as agreed to by ITK and the Ad Hoc Poverty Reduction Working Group.
    • Develop workshop and interview/discussion guides.
  • Gather knowledge and research to inform the development of the Strategy and Implementation Plan:
    • Conduct research on poverty reduction as it relates to Inuit communities and develop a familiarity with ITK’s previous work in the area.
    • Meet with Cost of Living Project research team to understand work and its function within the Strategy and Implementation Plan.
    • Facilitate workshops and discussions with ITK and regions, including the Ad Hoc Poverty Reduction Working Group.
    • Conduct interviews and/or facilitate discussions with key informants as identified by ITK and the regions, including the Ad Hoc Poverty Reduction Working Group.
    • Produce summary notes of each workshop, interview/discussion to be shared with ITK.
    • Incorporate findings from research, including the Cost of Living Phase I & Phase II report, and all workshops, interviews and discussions within the Strategy and Implementation Plan.
  • Develop the Inuit Nunangat Poverty Reduction Strategy and Implementation Plan, for October 2023:
    • Develop a nuanced and in-depth Inuit Nunangat Poverty Reduction Strategy and Implementation plan which will provide a concrete roadmap to achieve the Strategy’s actions.
    • Facilitate reviews with ITK and the Ad Hoc Poverty Reduction Working Group and revise the Strategy and Implementation Plan accordingly (a minimum of three versions will likely be required).
    • Present work at internal ITK meetings as necessary


ITK will assess proposals based on the following criteria (please include in your proposal):

  • Qualifications of the applicant, including experience, interest, and a proven track record on working collaboratively with organizations to develop strategies and/or implementation plans.
  • Experience working in partnership with Indigenous/Inuit organizations.
  • Experience with Inuit programming, governance structures, and regional/national strategic approaches to Inuit advocacy.
  • Project description, outlining a sound, comprehensive approach that covers all tasks outlined in Scope.
  • Description of a collaborative and participatory approach to this work, including detailed steps for involving ITK and the Ad Hoc Poverty Reduction Working Group.
  • Achievable, measurable milestones and approximate timelines.
  • Budget and budget justification that fit with the project description and milestones.
  • Knowledge and consideration of ITK strategies, frameworks and action plans.
  • A background and experience related to Indigenous and/or Inuit poverty reduction.

Interviews and references may be required upon request.

It is anticipated that the work required for this project will start on August 1st, 2022 and be completed on October 15th, 2023.

Scoring: Proposals will be scored out of a total of 100 points, including up to 30 points for the qualifications and capacity of the proponent; up to 30 points for methodology and approach; up to 20 points for the budget and cost-effectiveness; and 20 points for overall quality and understanding of the assignment.

Budget: Value for money will be a key consideration in assessing the proposals.

Conflict of Interest: Officials representing ITK and members of the AHPRWG have been part of detailing the requirements described in the RFP. Applicants/bidders shall not engage any of the involved representatives to assist in the development of any proposal responding to the RFP or to perform work to be conducted pursuant to any contract under this RFP. Failure of the applicant/bidder to abide by these restrictions shall result in immediate disqualification of that applicant/bidder’s proposal.

Please direct any questions in writing only to Jessica Rygas, Policy Advisor, Policy Advancement Department, at [email protected]

Your electronic submission should be sent by 4:00 pm EST on July 15th, 2022 to:

Jessica Rygas at [email protected]

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