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UNBELIEVABLE – A thought provoking new exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver – My VanCity

Why do we believe what we believe? What is true? How do our stories shape us? How do we create and respond to the symbols we encounter in our lives? These are some of the questions posed in Unbelievable, the new exhibition opening on June 24th at the Museum of Vancouver. The media was treated to a sneak preview earlier in the week, as the show was still being mounted, so some of the photos are of work in progress.

To create the exhibition, curators delved deeply into the museum’s vaults and unearthed a diverse collection of artifacts, most of which have, over the years, been pivotal in creating the stories and symbols which define Vancouver today.

Unbelievable can be enjoyed on multiple levels. Visitors will be delighted to see the original Thunderbird totem as they enter, and will be amazed by the stories which accompany it. Some of the artifacts, such as the large red R that used to be part of the RIDGE sign and a cast of the lions gracing the Lions Gate Bridge, are more modern “totems”. Each has an unbelievable story to explain its inclusion.

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