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Unveiling the Mysteries of the Blue Moon and the Significance of Grandmother Moon in Indigenous Culture – NetNewsLedger

August 30, 2023

THUNDER BAY – LIVING – If you look up at the moon the next time, it is a full and very bright sight in the night sky. This August we have had two cycles of a full moon during the month.

The night sky has been a canvas of wonderment for humanity since time immemorial. Among its many celestial treasures, the “Blue Moon” has captured the imagination of people around the world. This rare lunar event has sparked curiosity and folklore, adding to the mystique of our nearest cosmic neighbour. Additionally, in Indigenous cultures, the moon holds profound significance, with “Grandmother Moon” playing a pivotal role in their traditions and beliefs. In this article, we’ll explore what a “Blue Moon” is and delve into the profound cultural significance of Grandmother Moon in Indigenous cultures.

Understanding the Blue Moon

What Exactly is a Blue Moon?

A Blue Moon is a term often used to describe the second full moon within a calendar month. This unusual event occurs roughly every 2.7 years due to the misalignment between the lunar month, which is about 29.5 days long, and our Gregorian calendar month, which averages 30 to 31 days. When two full moons happen within the same calendar month, the second one is called a Blue Moon, while the first one retains its traditional name.

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