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Update from Child & Family Well-Being Program

Press Release

I would like to make our membership aware that our Band Representative Program, also known as Moose Cree First Nation Prevention/Intervention Wellbeing Program will be attaining some assets. Our Membership may have some questions on these assets. We would like to have awareness posted for these questions.

Moose Cree First Nation is currently going into its final draft of our Child and Family Well-Being Law. This means that we will be taking Jurisdiction over our children and youth. We will not become a Child Welfare System; however, our Law will supersede the Provincial Legislation. Dr. Emily J. Faries, our Committee and our Team have been working diligently with this Law that will be going to our Chief and Council for approval. Once we get the approval from our Chief and Council this Law will be going out to our members for ratification. The work that was done on this Law was done by our people. Dr. Emily J. Faries and Joan Linklater did numerous community engagement sessions with our members.

While this Team were working on the development of Moose Cree’s Law another Team have been working on the infrastructure of how we are going to Govern and enforce our law. With Bill C 92 passing Nations were able to apply for funding with Indigenous Services Canada for assets. Moose Cree First Nation did put in numerous applications with approval with our Team. The assets that we have obtained are as listed. This funding did not come from Moose Cree First Nation itself; these assets were obtained with the support of our Chief and Council. These assets are to keep our children home and build programs with the tools that we need within our Territory.

To date, we have obtained:

  • 32 Centre Road
  • 1 Jolly Street
  • (4) Modular Homes
  • (4) Lots
  • (4) snow machines, (2) vans, (2) Argos, (1) pontoon boat, (5) boats and motors, (4) four wheelers, and (2) ATV trailers

These assets were all under submissions with Indigenous Services Canada, this funding was not requested or taken from Moose Cree First Nation.

We are in the process of putting in a submission for a new office building for our Wellbeing/Band Representative Program. All homes will be utilized for our families soon, we currently lack office space. All homes and assets will be used for our families and children, this is the goal of these assets. We are hoping to have our office building submission completed and submitted by September of 2024.

We do have more submissions that were submitted with Indigenous Services Canada where we are waiting for approval. These homes are being put into place for our children that can be brought back to Moose Cree First Nation. Some of these homes will also be safe homes for children and youth that need a place of safety. We have been working on a whole new arm to Moose Cree First Nation for our children and youth. The Law that we are working on is taking jurisdiction over our children and youth. With this we must ensure that we have the assets to bring our children home and keep them home. We also need the tools for the Cultural Part of our program to work with our families in a wholistic manner.

It’s important to keep our membership aware and updated, transparency is important for our membership.

Thank You

Jennifer Carey-Cool
Director of Child and Family Well-Being
Band Representative Program
Moose Cree First Nation


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