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Environmental Scan


Nipissing First Nation (NFN) is seeking proposals (RFP) to conduct an environmental scan of systems to support workforce wellness with a focus on mental health and pandemic recovery. NFN acknowledges the unique cultural values, language, priorities and needs of its workforce and desires to create a framework that is grounded within a First Nation lens. The environmental scan will inform a framework for workplace wellness that is grounded within NFN cultural values and practices and will be inclusive of an implementation plan and evaluation.


Nipissing First Nation recognizes that the physical and mental health and wellness of their employees is critical to the overall wellness of the community. NFN recognizes many people, including employees, have been greatly impacted by the pandemic and continues to face challenges. Therefore, NFN has a desire to ensure that the wellness of their workforce must be prioritized to ensure overall recovery of the nation (community) and wish to design a framework with an actionable implementation plan on workplace/worker wellness.

To commence the project, the Consultant will conduct an analysis of past, current and projection of the future initiatives on workplace wellness with consideration for changes resulting from the pandemic inclusive of work environment; work life balance; distribution of work; impact of remote work; and changes in client environment.

To inform the project, it is expected that the Consultant will develop and complete an environmental scan of worker needs and priorities to obtain data through a variety of measures such as surveys and interviews. The data will then be used to support an analysis of existing plans, services and supports available for employees of NFN to create the framework and action plan.

The completed project will culminate in a framework that will include an implementation plan with such components as, assessment data and results, tools and resources, action plan with timelines, and evaluation.

Recognizing the principles of OCAP, all data and findings gathered through the process will become the sole ownership of Nipissing First Nation.


The expected deliverables will include each of the following four items:

  1. Environmental Scan
    • Develop tools and plan to conduct an assessment of existing services which will provide an understanding the workers existing needs related to wellness, priorities for the workforce and the organization
  2. Data Collection and Analysis
    • Complete assessment using a variety of research-based approaches grounded in Indigenous research methodologies
    • Collect and analyze findings utilizing a First Nation worldview
  3. Framework for Workplace Wellness
    • Provide recommendations and action plan for enhancements to programs with a focus on the cultural needs of Nipissing First Nation
    • Provide implementation plan based on data and findings
    • Identify priorities related to the findings
    • Support effective intra and inter-professional work relationships (example, with community leadership, employees, and external agencies) to identify and achieve sustainable results that will continue past the conclusion of the project.
  4. Evaluation
    • Provide recommendations for an ongoing evaluation plan to continue to monitor the effectiveness of the workforce wellness initiative.


  1. Experience in working with First Nations or Indigenous organizations.
  2. Experience in mental health or wellness field with a particular focus on First Nations.
  3. Knowledge of community development principles and practices.
  4. Knowledge of principles of quality improvement in employment settings.
  5. Demonstrated experience in community evaluation and/or research analysis


Expected completion Fall 2022


  1. The proposal should be prepared in MS Word or PDF and no more than five (5) pages.
  2. Include relevant qualifications and experience.
  3. Outline the approach to undertaking deliverables including timelines and fees.
  4. Provide a curriculum vitae as an appendix.
  5. Submit proposal by email to [email protected]


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